Yakitori (2 skewers) (gf on request)   9.80
Grilled chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce

Haloumi Cheese Tempura (veg)   10.80
Served with teriyaki sauce

Salt & Pepper Tofu (veg) (gf)    10.80
Organic crispy tofu served with basil mayo
and lemon

Agedashi Tofu (v)   12.80
Organic silken tofu cubes in shiitake broth

Karaage    12.20
Crispy chicken thigh fillet marinated in ginger
soy sauce

Vegetarian (veg) / Chicken Gyoza (4 pieces)    12.20
Hand made pan fried dumplings with vinaigrette
dipping sauce

Crispy Tuna Skewers    12.80
Coated in sesame seeds, served with
mustard mayonnaise

Prawn Teppan-Yaki    14.80
Sauteed king prawns served on a sizzling plate
with assorted mushrooms, panko and a garlic miso
mayonnaise sauce


Thinly sliced fresh fish served on a sashimi platter

Salmon (7 pieces)    19.80

Tuna (7 pieces)    20.80

Kingfish (7 pieces)    21.80

Assorted (9 pieces)    23.50



Gourmet sushi rolls, made to order by the sushi chef

Byron Summer Roll (v)    18.20
An inside-out roll of quinoa and brown rice
filled with tempeh, avocado, cucmber, carrot
and fresh ginger, topped with guacamole,
coriander and radish

Dragon Roll     23.00
Prawn tempura, seared kingfish and
cucumber sushi coated with avocado, ikura
and teriyaki sauce

Aburi Seafood Roll (6 pieces)    22.50
Seared assorted seafood layered on top of
an inside-out roll with avocado and cucumber,
dressed with mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce

Chirashi Sushi Roll     23.00
Fresh tuna, salmon, kingfish and prawn
roll in a ginger soy marinade, filled with
soy beans, shiitake mushrooms, avocado
and cucumber



Kinoko's Green Salad (v) (gf on request)    16.50
Fresh assorted greens, avocado, radish sprouts
and toasted walnuts served with snowpeas and
tahini dressing
     With lightly fried organic tofu    20.00
     With organic tempeh    20.00

Tuna Tataki     20.80
Seared thinly sliced tuna layered with enoki mushrooms,
sprouts, assorted greens and dressed with the
combined flavours of miso and Japanese tahini

Grilled Salmon Salad (gf)     20.80
Lightly grilled salmon, mixed lettuce leaves and
avocado served with balsamic and miso dressing

Seared Tuna Salad     20.80
Lightly seared tuna mixed with assorted greens, avocado,
fresh chilli, coriander and yuzu ponzu dressing



Miso Soup    3.50

Steamed Rice (v)    3.50

Brown Rice (v)    4.50

Edamame (v) / Garlic Edamame (veg)    4.50/5.50

Steamed Greens (v) (gf)    8.60



Lightly battered

Vegetable (v) 7 vegetable pieces    12.50

Prawn 3 prawn pieces + 3 vegetable pieces    17.50

Assorted 2 prawn, 3 fish, 3 vegetable pieces    19.50



Soba (thin buckwheat and wheat flour noodles) or

Udon (thick wheat flour noodles) in a shiitake broth
with your choice of:

Vegetarian (v)    16.80

Kinoko Soup (v)    17.20
With bok choy and three kinds of mushrooms

Chicken and vegetable    17.80

Tempura Prawns (served on the side)    18.20



Assorted vegetables stewed in curry sauce,
served with rice and salad

Vegetarian (v)    16.80

Crumbed Chicken    18.80


Organic Tofu and Mushroom Steak (v) (gf on request)    22.50
Fried organic tofu cubes & portobello mushroom
served on a sizzling plate with sautéed vegetables

Market Fish of the Day (ask staff) (gf on request)    23.50
Freshly grilled local fish served with seasonal vegetables
and steamed rice

Chicken Kasuzuke    22.50
Chicken thigh marinated in sake miso paste, mixed
with roasted vegetables, served on a bed of sweet
potato mash and garnished with panfried asparagus

Sesame Salmon    23.50
Pan fried salmon coated with crispy sesame seeds,
served with shiitake mushroom risotto and salad

Panfried Nori Prawns    23.50
Local green prawns panfried in a nori butter sauce,
served with quinoa salad and garnished with sweet
potato and beetroot chips

Tuna Steak (gf on request)    24.50
Fresh tuna served on a sizzling plate with sautéed
vegetables and tempured enoki mushrooms

Kinoko Steak (150gm) (gf on request)    25.50
Tender eye fillet served on a sizzling plate with
sautéed vegetables and inhouse steak sauce



Green Tea Ice Cream (veg)    5.50
Served with sweet adzuki paste

Black Sesame Ice Cream (veg)    5.50
Served with sweet adzuki paste

(v) = vegan (veg) = vegetarian (gf) = gluten free
all seafood is subject to availability and seasonality
tamari (gluten free) soy is available on request